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ET Bird Control 2000 Repelling Techniques

When birds intrude within the area of the (1) PIR detecting system, the ET Bird Control 2000 will be triggered, which will simultaneously emit a (2)Disturbing Flashing Strobe Light and (3) High Impact Ultrasonic/Audible Variable Sound. These sounds will randomly move up and down coving sounds within human hearing ranges as well into Ultrasonic Sounds which humans can not hear.

  PIR Technology detects birds in its path by using a detection system covering 40 feet out. This type of coverage powers out the worst case bird problems.

Below you will get a better idea on how the ET Bird Control
2000 covers the area.





ET Bird Control 2000 Coverage:

- Covers 915 Square Feet

- Covers within a Fan Shape area of 70 degrees

- Covers to a distance of 40 feet

(2) Disturbing Strobe Light

The ET Bird Control 2000 comes with two Disturbing Strobe Lights that startle/scare birds when they intrude the PIR detection system. These strobe lights have a life span of 100,000 hours and since the PIR system will only run when it detects intruders you will have years of Strobe Light life.

(2) High Impact Ultrasonic/Audible Bird Repelling sounds

The ET Bird Control 2000 comes equipped with a Bird Sound Confusion Switch. This switch allows you to change up the way the sounds come out the High Impact Speaker.

When the button is press you will here the differences in sounds. One bird repelling sound function will spend more time in the Ultrasonic Sounds which in return makes the area more pleasant to be around when repelling birds away. The other setting will spend more time within the Audible Sounds which in return can give a different result. The Bird Sound Confusion Switch was made to give you options as well as help keeping sounds fresh for repelling the worst case of bird infestations.


To learn how to set up the ET Bird Control 2000

You can mount the ET Bird Control 2000 just about any where you can put a wood screw or metal screw in. We find it is best to get the ET Bird Control 2000 closest to the bird problem as possible. The closer to the Bird Problem the more Powerful the results.
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