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California Bird Control

  California is home to a wide variety of different bird species. The most common birds that are a nuisance in California are pigeons, seagulls, house sparrows, swallows, crows, and woodpeckers. These birds nest or roost around human habitats, feed on agricultural products, contaminate foods, are noisy, messy, and their droppings can cause health hazards as well as making your work conditions unpleasant.

We have created this page to help you Identify your problem and let you know how our ET Bird Control 2000 can Dominate and get rid of your messy infestation by safely deterring your California bird problem away.

California Pigeon Control


California Seagull Control





There are a few different types of pigeons throughout California. Pigeons in general love to nest on windowsills, roof tiles, and even get inside your attic. Their droppings leave a unsightly scene and also can be a hazard to your health.



Seagulls in California are aggressive pest birds that leave large amounts of bird droppings that can result in structural damage. Seagulls are noisy birds that can give your outdoor dining experience unpleasant. They also love to find food in dumpsters which in turn can leave your business/home looking messy.


  California Woodpecker Control


Woodpeckers prefer cedar and redwood siding, but will damage pine, fir, and others when choices are limited. They can cause little damage to paint removal on metal surfaces and be quite noisy throughout your home or business.

California Sparrow Control

California Swallow Control

California Crow Control

Sparrows in California can be seen harassing other desirable birds. They are a growing nuisance for in many urban centers. They adapt to our environment easily like pigeons, which in turn multiplies in our structures. Sparrows leave unhealthy bird droppings that can clog machinery, sometimes starting fires, back up gutters, and more damage.

Swallows in California can leave muddy nests that damage and stain whatever surface they are built upon, plus the area below becomes dirty and dangerous because of all the droppings and urine.


Crows can roost large nests that can damage trees and are also a health hazard. They like to eat agricultural crops like corn, orchards, and berry crops, etc. leaving your crops sparse.



How the ET Bird Control 2000 can safely repel your California Bird Problem: The ET Bird Control 2000 uses High Impact ultrasonic and audible sounds with a push button adjustment allowing you to control where you want the sounds to be heard in. These types of sounds are very disturbing for most California bird problems. These sounds do not hurt the birds but instead makes it very uncomfortable for them to want to hang around.

The ET bird control 2000 also uses a
Strobe light and our specially designed PIR Detecting System. When birds come within the PIR Detecting System both the Strobe Light and Repulsive Sounds simultaneously go off startling birds which in return creates greater California bird control effectiveness.


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