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Arizona Bird Control

  Arizona birds that are generally considered a nuisance under certain circumstances are pigeons, woodpeckers, crows, sparrows, swallows, starlings, and seagulls. Droppings from some of these species can be messy, gross, and even cause damage to your property like eating away at concrete or brick surfaces, metals and painted surfaces. It can also cause a fall hazard to you, your family or customers.

We have created this page to help you Identify your problem and let you know how our ET Bird Control 2000 can Dominate and get rid of your messy infestation by safely deterring your Arizona bird problem away.

Arizona Pigeon Control


Arizona Woodpecker Control




The Arizona pigeon can be a constant annoyance. They leave their droppings on windowsills, roof tiles, and just about anywhere they can land leaving an unsightly look to your home or business. It can be an inconvenience for you to clean up all the time.
We find the The ET Bird Control 2000 has been quite successful getting rid of pigeon bird problems.



Woodpeckers in Arizona can be fun to watch but can also make a mess pecking holes in your wooden handrails, sidings, and even making a nest. For the Arizona Woodpecker, we are very confident that the ET Bird Control would eliminate any bird problem you might have.



 Arizona Crow Control

Arizona Sparrow Control

Arizona Swallow Control



in Arizona can invade your home or business garbage leaving a nasty mess. They also can congregate on electrical wires or trees making a mess with their droppings. The ET Bird Control can eliminate these pesky birds and leave your environment clean.



Sparrows in Arizona can be seen harassing other desirable birds. They are a growing nuisance for in many urban centers. They adapt to our environment easily like pigeons, which in turn multiplies in our structures. Sparrows leave unhealthy bird droppings that can clog machinery, sometimes starting fires, back up gutters, and more damage.



Swallows in Arizona nest in colonies and often live in close with humans. Their mud nests damage and deface outer walls/eaves of homes and businesses. It is an eye sore and a health hazard as their droppings end up smeared all over the place. The mud nests are a haven for parasites that often work their way into buildings causing a serious health issue.

Arizona Starling Control  

Arizona Seagull Control


The Starlings in Arizona aggressively drive out native bird populations and have learned to adapt to city life with its food sources and nesting sites. These birds are well known for their "whitewash" spraying of bird droppings.


Seagulls in Arizona are aggressive pest birds that leave large amounts of bird droppings that can result in structural damage. Seagulls are noisy birds that can give your outdoor dining experience unpleasant.



How the ET Bird Control 2000 can safely repel your Arizona Bird Problem: The ET Bird Control 2000 uses High Impact ultrasonic and audible sounds with a push button adjustment allowing you to control where you want the sounds to be heard in. These types of sounds are very disturbing for most Arizona bird problems. These sounds do not hurt the birds but instead makes it very uncomfortable for them to want to hang around.

The ET bird control 2000 also uses a
Strobe light and our specially designed PIR Detecting System. When birds come within the PIR Detecting System both the Strobe Light and Repulsive Sounds simultaneously go off startling birds which in return creates greater Arizona bird control effectiveness.


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