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DNR Technologies LLC.
is dedicated to providing customers with environmentally friendly and competitively priced electronic bird control products. We here at DNR feel that our product will help solve home and commercial bird problems, without involving the high costs of professional exterminators.
With our do it yourself bird control systems and 60 day guarantee, we find customers can trust our company to get the job done right. With that said we want all of our customers to get the results they are looking for. So at any time during your bird repelling process you feel unsure of your result give us a call 480-319-4660 or e-mail us here so we can help.

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  Rob Cameron Owner/Partner
To all of our customer we are very please you came across our website. To give you some insight on DNR Technologies LLC we have been in the business of selling electronic pest control device since 2002. Our company's name has changed a couple of times but still owned by the same owners/management. We believe our pest control devices are one of the best on the market as well as our customer service. We try and treat everybody fair with the idea of what we would like to be treated like if we were the customer.
God Bless and Call Us if your need assistance :)

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